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How to do Contour Makeup Properly

How to do contouring makeup?

The beauty trend of contouring remains strong.  The technology is based on creating and sculpting illusions on the face with shadows to accentuate features or reduce highlighted areas. Whether you want a natural selection or a highlighted contouring like Kim Kardashian.

Contouring is quite simple but it is important to be careful with the location of the shadows.

The products you should use to achieve the perfect and desired finish consist of the right tool shadows in solid or liquid form and highlighters. Choose the product according to how marked you want to make your sculpting. Solid shadows are better suited for a softer, more natural result and fluid for a slightly tougher, highlighted look.

The base

Always start with a primer! The foundation becomes smoother, dimmer and lasts longer, concealing fine fine lines and pores.

Applying your foundation with a good brush is not only more hygienic, but you also get a smoother and more durable result.


Hide any irregularities or dark circles under the eyes with a concealer. To cover red rashes, use a concealer with a yellow undertone to neutralize, to cover blue rings, use a concealer with a pink undertone to neutralize. A good tip is to have a concealer palette with several colors combined in one, to be able to work against any unwanted colors you want to cast off on your face.

You can apply your concealer with a brush or sponge. A beauty blender is an investment in your makeup bag. It has long durability and is easy to clean. Unlike cheaper variants, the makeup is not absorbed into the sponge and “eats up” your makeup.

Attach the base

  • Powder with a transparent powder to make the makeup sit. For a light and even feel that always keeps the color matching.
  • Apply with a powder brush. Use a high quality brush that makes your makeup easy.
  • Choose the right brush.
  • The most common mistake is to use a brush that is too small. Instead, use a medium-sized powder brush for the dark shading color

Apply as follows:

  • Choose a color that is about 2-3 shades darker than you are.
  • Place the dark color, also called shading color, in places where you naturally have shadows and want to deepen, for example. under cheek and jawbone, side of nose etc.
  • When you are done with the dark color, choose a light color that is about 2-3 shades lighter than you are.
  • Apply the lighter color to areas you want to raise, where the light naturally falls, for example on the cheekbones almost.

Last finish

  • Finish off with a blush on the cheeks to blend everything together and complete the look.

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