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Tips for Concealing Scars with Makeup Properly

Few of us are blessed with perfect skin. A great makeup artist can make most scars go away. But for those who don’t know how to do, clumsy attempts to hide makeup can only make the scars more visible. A beauty degree is not required to hide a scar. However, knowledge of certain specific techniques and products intended for the task is required.

Every face, scars or no scars, has a top layer of dead skin cells. In this way, our skin keeps itself clean to look healthy and fresh, through cellular turnover. Exfoliating is an important first step in makeup application, and especially when you want to hide a scar. Scars can look and feel dry and thickened, resulting in a difficult makeup base. What basic coverage you apply will affect the end result and make it look smoother and last longer if you use a gentle scrub before you start applying makeup.

You should use a mild exfoliating, one with high-quality lactic acid is excellent for cleaning.
Finished the exfoliation? Next secret: You are not ready to use your makeup yet!

Moisten the skin

Just as you need to exfoliate the skin surface with scars to create a cleaner makeup base, you need to apply a good quality moisturizer to create the best conditions for your makeup products. Moisturizers will further soften the scar and add the necessary moisture to create a smooth, receptive surface. This is always an important step in a cosmetic routine, but it is even more important when covering a scar.

Use specialized makeup to hide scars

You can find a large assortment of makeup in almost every grocery store and there may be enough good products there for your purpose. For those with slightly higher demands, there are entire series of makeup designed to hide scars on the skin. Some cosmetic companies create products formulated to hide scars (and tattoos), often called camouflage makeup.

If you have not had any success with your regular makeup, they are a good next choice. These products are more pigmented than regular cosmetics, so they provide much more comprehensive coverage.

Matching your skin tone is even more important than regular makeup when you apply all that extra pigment in camouflage makeup, so choose carefully to match your pigment perfectly. Many products come in kits that allow you to mix multiple colors to achieve just the right shade.

The problem with a nice makeup

The issue with nice makeup is that it often deteriorates after a few hours. You need to use a transparent finishing powder with a brush that is especially soft and fluffy so that the powder settles evenly and smoothly, even over the thick layer of makeup that covers your scar.

The goal here is a completely flawless coverage, and with some practice, it is absolutely possible so do not give up too fast! If you can still see the scar, and it bothers you, there is a practical trick that can make it seem less visible. Create a lead. If your scar is on your chin, mark your eyes with amazing shade to focus the eyes on your eyes. Is your scar on your forehead? Try something bold on your lips. There is no better way to divert attention than to apply exotic makeup to your eyes and lips.

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