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Common Mistakes when Applying Foundation

Here are our tips that you should think about or avoid when applying your foundation, as these 7 mistakes are very common.

1. Selecting the wrong type of foundation:

Be sure to try to find a foundation that suits your skin. If you are dry I do not recommend anything for matte products, as there is a risk that you will look drier.

Choose someone who gives a little extra moisture and nutrition and maybe a little more luster. Do you have oily skin? Try to find a foundation that is water-based and not oil-based. Try to think of how you want your foundation to provide for finish and coverage in the end.

2. Application in low light:

When you stand and makeup in poor lighting, it is sometimes difficult to see if you have missed certain parts or maybe even choose the wrong color on your foundation (see next point). Maybe you have a stripe of foundation right next to the jaw that you haven’t seen .. And it becomes very clear when you come out in daylight (Woops!), Been there, done that… and then I’m a makeup artist anyway!

Everyday Tip: Do you have poor lighting in the bathroom or the room you’re in? Take a small mirror and go to a window, if it is still daylight, then you can control the makeup. Another tip is to buy a lamp with daylight light (type 5500 Kelvin).

3. Choosing the wrong color on your foundation:

This is a common problem. Which color should you choose? You first need to identify if your skin goes more to a pink, yellow or a more neutral tone. Then choose the darkness foundation: one. In the summer, you may need a slightly darker foundation as you may get a little tan on the skin. While in winter you may need to use a lighter variant. When choosing a foundation, A tip is to test the color of the front of the jaw next to the chin to create a good tone.

Many can be a little red on the chin so you should not test there. Let the foundation sit for a few minutes to see how it goes in. Sometimes it can shift slightly to what it first looks like because it can react to the skin. Do you have several tones you choose from? Then draw a few lines with the different shades next to each other and the one that becomes most invisible is the one you should choose! Do you think it is difficult, do not hesitate to seek help from the stores’ makeup artists!

4. Applying on top of old makeup:

ALWAYS apply foundation to clean skin if you want a good result. Old makeup that has not been properly cleaned tends to make your makeup glowy and flamboyant. And not only that, your skin can claw again and get impurities. This is a big NO-NO.

5. Choosing a foundation to look more dark-toned

Never use a foundation to make you look browner! It just looks dirty. Choose the right tone for your skin, and then use bronzer to get a sun-kissed look!

6. Using too much product

Use a small amount of foundation when applying and see how much it covers. If you want some more coverage on some lots you can go with a little more, or use concealer. It is very easy to make it look too cakey and dirty if you use too much product at one and the same time. The risk of streaks and flaming makeup increases!

7. Product in the hairline and eyebrows

This is so common when looking at other people’s makeups. Be careful to apply foundation to the hairline and brows. Especially if you have lighter hair. It can be seen immediately if you have used too much product. The same applies if you have dark hair with lighter skin … Then it can easily look like you get greyish hairline or brows. If you happen to get a little in the brows or hairline, take a slightly damp towel and bathe as quickly as possible.

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