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How to Combine Your Makeup and Clothes

Being able to match your makeup with your wardrobe can be very neat when done properly, but at the same time, it shines through very much if you do it incorrectly. So to help, here are some tips on how to best combine these.

The first tip is to have colors that combine well together. For example, pink and brown match very well, whether you are a queen or an ordinary mortal. To get a style that would have even suited celebrities, our suggestion is to have a light pink shade over the entire eyelids and then use a narrow brush to apply a color of the cream line to the eyelashes. Mix in the right amounts and finish it all off by adding a touch of brown shade to the eyes.

Coral colors are amongst the easiest shades to match, but when using a light color it is important to apply makeup with a simple touch only. Using daring colors and shadows on your face can make you look like a cartoon character.

Silver is another color that is easy to combine in clothes and it looks fantastic. When using clothes that have a shimmering color such as silver or gold, you should not be afraid to combine this with a sparkling touch on the makeup. The trick is to apply it lightly and not to overdo it in its makeup. A slightly shimmery color on the cheeks will make you look very good if you combine this with a glamorous dress in any shimmering color.

Yellow is also a color that has become very popular in clothing in recent years and of course, it is possible to combine this with the makeup as well. It is a fun color that is modern, but you have to be careful so that it does not get too much in combination with the makeup. A good tip for makeup is to combine a summer dress with an orange or yellow eyeshadow. If you combine this with a pink lipstick you have a winning combination, so think pink but not too much without the overall impression being soft and subtle.

An example of how it can often be too much and those who often try to combine the colors too much will fail completely. If you want to combine your clothes with your makeup, you should preferably just have the combination in one place on the makeup.

Wearing black clothes and matching this with lipstick, eyeshadow, and hair, for example, will result in poor results. You should generally be very careful about combining the hair with your clothes, but if you do this you should focus solely on using a hair extension in another tone that still matches the clothes you wear.

You should also try to avoid sticking to one color only. White is a good example of this because if you only use this color you will look pale and dull. If you use a lot of white then you have to have some other color to complement. The closing advice, however, is that it is important that you feel secure in your combinations.

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