Choosing hair spray

Choosing hair spray

It is not always easy to know what to use for hair spray when you need it, usually, so you may not think about these things when you buy it. Above all, there are questions that pop up before purchase. It is mainly about what charter it should be. Many times you are not completely satisfied with the hair spray that you bought and it may be because of that you do not really know what you actually bought. When it comes to hairspray they are in different types and there are mainly three different types. These are:

Working spray

This is a hair spray that gives a lighter char and that also contains protection against heat. The hair does not become sticky and it is easy to brush out. Often it is advisable to use this spray as a preparatory spray before doing a proper styling of the hair. The spray helps maintain proper styling longer. This is a spray that is great to use when blow-drying or if you intend to flatten your hair.

Styling spray

This is a hair spray that you prefer to use to style your hair if you use a flat or curling iron. Many times this type of spray gives the hair more volume, it can even become shinier and more. There can also be extra stuff that you can use the spray for and it usually stands on the bottle. Another advantage of a styling spray is that it usually contains a heat shield which allows you to style your hair even if it is damp. If you usually use hair spray for the final shower then this is a styling spray to use.

Finishing spray

This is a hair spray you use to fix your hair. It is a hair spray that is used to make the hairstyle look the same way for a whole day. Sometimes even during the night. The problem with this type of hair spray is that it is a bit sticky and feels sticky when spraying but it gets stuck and feels dry when it has fixed.

In the different hair spray types, the different statues are also present, which means that you should check on the spray bottles what kind of statues they provide. Normally it is working, styling or finishing hairspray that you should look for but there can be differences between two same in different brands.

All hair sprays do not have the same effect and you have to look at when to buy it and really find out what it is that you should have. If you buy the wrong thing and do not understand why it is wrong, you will instead become annoyed and think that it is a bad hair spray when in fact it is because of the wrong variety. Then it can also differ in the quality of hair spray where different brands are better than others.

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