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Best Steps for Perfect Eyebrows

Pick your brows

Pick your brows with tweezers. Only pick if you have straw between your eyes or those that grow alone very far from your brows. Save as much as possible to get a fuller feel.

Fill in

Use a brow pen or eyeshadow that you apply with a brow brush. Choose two to three shades darker than your own tan. Fill in color where you lack straws with the help of small, small thin lines. Follow the natural shape of the brows. If you paint an even thick line along the entire brow, you risk looking painted and unnatural.

Keep your brows in place

Finish with an eyebrow gel – a colored or transparent and brush the brows up. The gel keeps the brows in good shape. Then brush up and over what you have painted, then the brow will get a natural and good looking look.

If you have sparse brows, you can try using an eyebrow serum that gives your brows strength and nourishment.

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