Beauty Trick to Make the Face Slimmer

Did you know that thick eyebrows can make your face appear slimmer? It’s not about ignoring them, but about giving them the right shape.

Many of us women have round faces with full cheeks that we want to focus less on. How do you do to make your face narrower, without having to make any sacrifices and without even doing much? In the following article, we will teach you some simple beauty tricks that will do wonders for your face.

The best hairstyle to make your face slimmer

If you want to make your face narrower, avoid curly or wavy hairstyles. When these hairstyles fall over your face, it looks bigger, so you should always choose straight hairstyles or hairstyles in stock. Straight hair makes your cheeks look a little smaller. If you have naturally curly hair you can try to make it have a lightwave instead of whole curls.

You should also avoid having hair down to the jaws. It may be longer or shorter, but should never reach this particular point because your jaw will then look wider. The best part is if your hair is a little shorter than cheek length, so people’s eyes are drawn to your cheekbones – this creates a softer, slimmer look.

But what the heck? Long, short, with bangs or without? You should definitely choose an asymmetrical side door, just like the photo above. By cutting your hair this way you will be able to make your facial features softer and less round. You will love the look you get from this.

Our final tip when it comes to hairstyles is that you should always split your hair on the side, and never in the middle. This is because a split of your face in the middle will give you a harder look.

The best makeup to make your face look slimmer

1. Soft colors on the lips

This is the absolute best tip when it comes to makeup. You may like bright colors, such as light red lipstick, but you should stick to softer tones if you want to soften the face, remove the sharpness from the jaw and give your face a more balanced look. If you choose pink or complexion, your mouth will look wider, which can lead to a better balance and make your face narrower.

2. Right amount of rouge

Do you use rouge? It is a fantastic tool. In this case, you should definitely use a bronzer to give your cheeks some light. Move the brush diagonally from your cheek to your hairline, which is where the hair is split at your forehead. Always work diagonally, because it makes the bronzer a soft, narrow look, and not an angled one.

Focus on tones that soften your face and stay away from the dark. For example, you can use a shiny rouge over a dark bronzer.

3. Which eyeshadow should I use?

You already know the golden rule: if you apply makeup to your eyes, use a light color for your lips, and if you choose an intense color for your mouth, your eye makeup should be slightly softer.

Since we focus on softer tones for your lips, you can get a little playful with your eye makeup. Use eyeliner to focus on your eyes, your eyes and the upper part of your face. Choose colors that make your eyes stand out and choose eye shadow with an attractive light effect.

4. Can my eyebrows narrow my face?

Of course, they can. You probably already know that thick, eye-catching eyebrows are fashion now, which is great if you want a slimmer face because full eyebrows will definitely help you with this.

You don’t have to worry about having to let them be completely natural or never use wax for the rest of your life. On the contrary, you should shape them so that the wide center moves towards a thinner end. This will create a beautiful frame for your eyes and draw people’s attention to the top of your face.

Try to combine straight hair that is above or below the cheek with a soft split that makes your face look slimmer. You can also reduce the size of your cheeks by following a diet low in “bad” fat and salt, because salt causes you to accumulate fluid and make your face look swollen.

If you combine a healthy diet with these simple and cheap tips, you will certainly notice that you look better in no time.

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