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How to Complete Your Base Wardrobe

The key to a perfectly perfect base wardrobe is not really difficult at all, it’s just about investing in timeless garments, iconic classics and stylish base clothes that can be matched with anything.

Once you have laid the foundation, you will have many mornings with a clothing crisis and be able to match good looks with garments you already have. The most important thing: a base wardrobe does not consist of trendy garments, it contains clothes that you can wear season after season without getting tired of them.

STEP 1: Clean your wardrobe

Cleaning the closet is the first step towards success. As a rule of thumb, everything you haven’t worn in the past few years, garments you’ve outgrown and broken garments should be donated to charity or thrown away. Also do not keep garments for purely nostalgic reasons. Make room for new and feel like a new person when the shelves echo empty and are ready for the new clothes of the game that you actually really like.

STEP 2: Inventory

During the closet cleaning, you will quickly get an overview of what you are missing by checking our list a little further down over twelve basic garments that build the perfect base closet.

STEP 3: Invest

It costs a good deal to put together a complete base wardrobe. But it doesn’t have to cost the shirt. Invest in durable materials and classic garments from the chains and complement with second-hand finds.

12 base garments everyone should have in their wardrobe.

1. Simple white shirt

A crisp white shirt with simple cuts and straight lines is an important part of the base wardrobe. Match it with a waistband for party or wear tucked into a pair of jeans for work.

2. The perfect jeans

The big jeans do not have to do with trend models – they are a pair that you enjoy and that you think is great. Invest in simple washes in traditional shades.

4. Trenchcoat

The classic trench coat will never go out of time and save any spring or autumn day.

5. Suitable for everything

Invest in a classic skirt in a timeless model. Fits as well for the job as for the after workout and birthday parties.

6. Knitted shirt

Whether it is a lukewarm June evening or a dark winter night, a knitted sweater is a given part of the base wardrobe. Get yourself a knitted shirt made of materials such as cashmere and wool.

7. Timeless shows

You really only need a pair of heels – the pumps that are stylish, comfortable and that can be matched with everything. Choose the height of the heels according to your preference so that they do not stay in the wardrobe.

8. Skin jacket

The perfect leather jacket just gets nicer and nicer over the years. Seek second hand or buy a classic you never tire of. Wear it in good health!

9. Something black

The black garment can save any clothing crisis.

10. Gray, black, or white top

Match with skirt for party or jeans for every day. The perfect base top, a gray or white t-shirt, is both cheap and important.

11. Sneakers

White sneakers are a must. Combine with jeans, skirt or dress – they always work.

12. A well-sitting jacket

Think tailor-made when looking for a blazer or blazer. Black, chalk striped or navy blue is preferable in order not to get tired of it.

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