Are you Using the Right Hairspray?

It’s all the same, some people think about hairspray, but this is completely wrong! Depending on how you use your spray and what results you want to achieve, it is of the utmost importance that you choose the right type of hair spray, we will teach you everything you need to know.

What kind of hairspray?

All hair sprays do not work the same way, and the first thing you need to figure out before applying a new spray is how you want to use it. Are you primarily looking for a hair spray that fixes your hairstyle, or is it important that it can be brushed out? Think carefully about the areas of use and then choose.

Working spray

Working spray is a hair spray that you use before you work with heating tools or similar, for example before you shape your hair. A working spray often contains heat protection and is often drier than other sprays to avoid sticking or stiffening.

Styling Hairspray

Styling spray is used while styling your hair with a curling iron, straightener or similar. A good styling spray has properties that facilitate your styling and can, for example, protect against frizz or give extra volume. Even a styling spray should be brushable, and has more stature than a workout spray, but less than a typical finishing spray. If you are looking for an all-round spray, a medium-hard styling spray is preferred.

Finishing hairspray

Finishing spray is what ultimately fixes your hairstyle and keeps it exactly as you wish. Finishing sprays are often a little more sticky in texture, so choose one that is finely divided and dries quickly to make it easier to use. If you are looking for a hair spray that will keep a set in place for a whole night then this is definitely a finishing spray you are looking for.

Think of the Charter!

Once you have chosen the type of spray you are looking for, it may be a good idea to decide how hard the charter you want. Most brands grade their products in soft-medium-hard or on a scale. If you are looking for an extremely durable spray that should not let your hair move too much (for example, for a set), you are investing in one with a hard charter, and if you are instead looking for a softer spray without fixing properties, choose soft.

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