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How to Apply lipstick over Lip Balm

Lipsticks should highlight your lips, not highlight dryness, cracking, or stinging. Here are four quick beauty tips for your lips so you can get the most flattering and long-lasting effect of your favorite lipstick:

1. Scrub your lips once or twice a week to keep them soft and supple.

This removes all dead skin cells from the lips, creating new skin cells. Make your own scrub by mixing equal parts of brown sugar, water, salt, and honey, and then gently scrub the mixture on your lips.

2. Apply a moisturizing lip balm before applying a lipstick or lip gloss to keep your lips supple and moisturizing.

Unfortunately, lipstick can emphasize dryness and distress. Another tip is to use a moisturizing lip balm before you go to bed for the night.

3. Apply the lip

Begin at the edge of the upper lip and follow the outer part of your lips. When the lips are highlighted, use the same lips to fill in. This step is important as it will provide a good foundation for the lipstick you then apply as well as make the color last longer.

4. Apply lipstick.

Now it is time to apply the lipstick and the best way to apply lipstick is to use a lipstick brush, this way the lipstick will penetrate better and stay for a long time. Finish off by removing excess paint with a paper napkin and pressing your lips against the paper napkin. Then you can apply the lipstick with an additional layer.

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