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How to Apply Foundation Perfectly

Have you been faithful to the same foundation for years? Then think about it! Because it is somewhere that the development goes lightning fast, it is right here. Here we guide you to applying foundation perfection.

The perfect foundation for you is out there.

First, consider how much coverage you want, which finish and texture feels best. If you like light coverage, there are of course a lot of BB and CC creams that provide “all in one” with color, moisture, care, shine, and sun protection factor.

For those who want hammer coverage, there is also a lot to choose from: liquid, mousse, pins, cream pads and loose mineral powder. Today there is also a covering foundation that still gives a completely natural impression.

Finding a new favorite product is not just about the perfect balance of color, coverage, and finish. Maybe you also want extra moisture, a firming effect or something oil-free to suit oily skin?

The right shade is a big challenge when it comes to finding the perfect foundation.

Here, we share the best professional tricks that make application easy.

Prepare the skin before your foundation

The skin should be clean, exfoliated and moisturized for your foundation to come to its full right.

Do this:

Exfoliate the face weekly (or daily, with mild and exfoliating facial water).

Moisturize with serum and moisturizer on cleansed skin. Allow it to be absorbed a few minutes before the next step.
Primer with a thin layer of primer. It becomes like an adhesive layer between skin and foundation. The result is that your foundation slides on easier and lasts longer.

Apply correctly

How you should apply foundation is a matter of taste. Many makeup artists use sponge or brush for hygiene reasons, but take the finger method when they make up themselves.

Put small dots of liquid foundation on nose, cheekbones, forehead, and chin. Work it out with a sponge, brush or fingers in a thin, even layer to even out the skin but make it look vibrant. Coverage should be easy as you approach the hairline and jawline.

A solid foundation and cream pads have a high degree of coverage and are often sold with an application round. Moisten it, if you want a lighter coverage. You can also use a brush to work the product into the skin properly.

Fingers – the heat causes the foundation to blend into the skin. (BB cream is always best applied with your fingers.)

Kabuki brush (has short, thick brush) – a must if using mineral powder.

Brush – both flat and round, sharply cut brushes work well for liquid foundation.

Mushrooms – Moisturized and scratched mushrooms make it easy to add thin layers, and you can build on with more coverage when needed.

Dry mushrooms provide denser coverage.

How do you choose the right shades if your skin color changes during summer and winter

Buy your favorite foundation in two shades. With one for summer use and one for the winter months, you can always get the perfect match, regardless of the season. Another way is to buy pigment drops, such as Cover FX, which makes it easy to adjust the shade.

Why is it so difficult to find a good colored day cream?

Here too you can enjoy the pigment drops that give your favorite day cream both color and shine. You get color and can adjust the degree of coverage with how many drops you use.

Do you put concealer before or after foundation?

Start with a foundation. Add concealer only if needed, and even out the edges so it blends into your foundation.

5 tips

  • Choose the right primer color. Primer gives you the perfect backing. A greenish tint suppresses blushing skin, while lavender color counteracts glow.
  • Afraid of foundation folding and making you look older? No more risk with today’s modern ingredients.
  • Work into your foundation properly. Add a few minutes to it, even if you want a natural finish.
  • Finish with your fingertips. If you apply with tools, finish by pressing your fingertips to the face – the heat helps your foundation to melt against the skin.
  • Look for that little extra! Choose a foundation with SPF and you will avoid a lot of wrinkles in the long run. Most people with dry skin (usually 40+) feel good about “hydrating”, oily skin needs “longlasting” and “glow” suits you who are looking for fresh luster.

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