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How to Apply Eye Shadow: a Beginner’s Guide

Doing a nice eye makeup simply does not require much practice, just a few simple tricks! In this post, we share how you can add eyeshadow step by step – and best of all, these tips can be applied to whatever shade or palette you use!
For starters, you need a good eye shadow primer.

You also need a flat brush that you can squeeze on a lot of shade with, as well as a blending brush. We recommend for anyone who is a beginner to invest in a makeup brush kit.

Once you have the most important tools for easy eye makeup, you need to decide which colors you want to use. Dare to be creative! But if you have a hard time deciding, you can start from this list to choose the eyeshadow that best suits your eye color:

Eye shadow for blue eyes

  • blue eye shadow
  • purple
  • Earthy tones (different shades of brown)
  • Gray
  • Cold pink
  • Taupe
  • Metallic colors

Eye shadow for brown eyes

  • Peach tones
  • Coral
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Gold
  • Dark purple
  • Warm pink

Eye shadow for green eyes

  • Taupe
  • Gold
  • purple
  • Copper
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Warm brown tones

Eye makeup step by step

When you have prepared with primer and brushes and selected which palette or eyeshadows you want to use, then you will come to the next step. These tricks that we will share with you can be applied at all times, whether it is a casual or a festive make-up.

Choose a palette or shadows where you have:

  • A light shade
  • A medium-dark shadow
  • A dark shadow
  • A metallic/glittery shade (skip this step and use a matte light shade for a more everyday look)

The easiest is if you choose the same color but in different strength/shade on the shadows.

Use your fluffy blending brush to apply the dark shade in your inner corner of the eye and up to the line at the eyeball.

Then use the same brush to apply the dark shadow to the outer edge of the eye and blend it out.
You apply the matte lightest shade with the flat brush just below the eyebrow, and maybe in the middle of the eyelid to tie together the darker shadows for a more natural look – otherwise, you apply a metallic/glittery shade with the flat brush in the middle of the eyelid.

Finish by spraying a setting spray over the face so that the makeup lasts a long time!

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