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8 Mistakes you Are Making With Nail Polish

8 mistakes you didn’t know you were making with your nail polish

Painting nails can seem simple, but you always get as thoughtful when the fine color has already disappeared from your nails after only a few days. Here are 8 mistakes you didn’t know you made with your nail polish.

1. You do not use a base paint

Applying nail polish directly allows the nail to become discolored. Therefore, it is important to paint with a base coat before proceeding to the colored coat.

2. You shake your nail polish before applying

Shaking your nail polish like maracas before using it may seem like a good idea, but in fact, it creates air bubbles in the paint and can result in an uneven layer on your fine nails. So skip the shaking and gently roll the nail polish into your hands instead.

3. Skipping the topcoat

Skipping the topcoat may seem like a no biggie, but it actually protects your fine paint from scraping off and giving an uneven layer to your nails. A top coat also gives a nice shine to your colored nail polish.

4. Ignore washing the nails

Washing your nails before manicure may seem unnecessary, but in fact, it hides the oil and bacteria on your nails that were caught during the day. So giving the nails a proper wash before applying nail polish makes the varnish stick much better on the nails and stay much longer.

5. Go to bed just after applying nail polish

Painting your nails is something many do in the evening, maybe for a good movie or with friends, but painting your nails a bit before bedtime is very risky as it takes a full 24 hours for the nail polish to get stuck on the nails. One tip is to keep your painted nails under ice-cold water before bedtime to make the varnish solidify and prevent your favorite bedding from being destroyed by nail polish.

6. Shower with freshly painted nails

You have just painted your fine nails and the varnish has dried, so you decide to take a shower, but to shower after painting the nails is a trap when it destroys the varnish. The steam and moisture cause the varnish to dissolve from the nails and you will most likely have to repaint the nails the next day.

7. Use old nail polish

We all have that favorite lacquer that always fits your nails perfectly, maybe you have had a special lacquer for several years, because nail polish can not go out on dates, right?

In fact, nail polish has a best-before date. Already after a year, nail polish starts to lose its strength and color, which results in the varnish no longer holding on to your nails as it used to. So if you have a varnish that you bought over a year ago, you should probably throw it in the garbage can.

8. Apply thick layers of nail polish.

Applying nail polish is not the easiest and all varnishes are different in both color and texture.

Of course, everyone wants the color of the varnish to look as good as possible and then chooses to apply a thick layer of varnish to the nails. In fact, it is smarter to build up the color of the nails by adding more thin layers, it will get better quality and the lacquer will not be as clumsy on your nails, it will also last much better and stay on the nails much longer.

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