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7 Tips to Rescue Dry and Worn Hair

7 tips to save dry and worn hair

Has your hair become dry and brittle after a prolonged winter? Here are the tips that save your hair from root to tip!

1. Choose the right shampoo

Proper shampoo is a prerequisite for healthy, moisturized and shiny hair. Did you know that silicones and sulfates (which are common ingredients in shampoo) can dry out hair and scalp?

Silicones settle like a film over the hair and give a fake shine. Sulfates are a fat-releasing substance (think like detergent) that wash away silicones, which in turn wipes out hair and scalp. Choose a shampoo without these substances, which preserves your hair’s natural oils instead. Today, there are a number of gentler alternatives on the market – such as Silicea Vital Shampoo.

2. Counteract split hairs

Do you like to shoot a little at that cut time to give the hair extra length? It can inhibit rather than promote. When the hair becomes worn, the tops eventually cleave. A split hair tip that breaks and breaks off causes the hair strand to split – and then wander up and get off again.

Does the hair feel long-lasting? Break the pattern and make sure to book a new cutting time already in connection with the previous visit. Hairdressers and hair stylists recommend a cut time approximately every eighth week to avoid worn hair.

3. Nourish the hair from the inside

Beautiful and healthy hair starts from the root. Dry and brittle hair can be a lack of silicon, a mineral we have naturally in our body and whose levels can decrease as we get older.

4. Regular hair wraps

Go into spring with moisturizing lengths – give your hair some extra love from the outside by treating it a hair wrap regularly. Conditioner at every hair wash is of course a and o – but a moisturizing hair wrap gives it the extra kick. Original Silicea supplemented with a really good wrap gives a moisture boost, prevents wear and strengthens the hair – inside and out.

5. Protect

Are you a big fan of heat styling? Don’t forget the heat shield! It folds over the hair like a protective membrane and prevents wear. Tips on using both hairdryer + flat/curling iron: apply heat protection twice, one round after each heating tool for maximum heat protection.

6. Oil

It is never possible to repair a split hairpin. But when the lengths are newly cut, you can prevent the peaks from cleaving again. Invest in a beautiful, nourishing hair oil that you apply to the ends of your hair. Hair oil not only protects the peaks from being split – it also provides moisture and prevents the peaks from getting dry and brittle.

7. Sleep with a braid

We have previously talked about that the braid is the most gentle hairstyle you can wear. Why not put in a hair wrap before bedtime and embed your hair into a braid? The wrap gets to work in depth and the hairs get less friction to the pillow.

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