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6 Tips to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

One of the most common tips when applying makeup is to highlight a specific part of your face. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, remember not to mark your lips too much.

Fatigue, dark circles under the eyes and even the wrinkles that occur around the edges are undoubtedly the biggest obstacles in many people’s pursuit of attractive eyes. If you also have small eyes, these factors may become even more obvious. What can you do to make your eyes look bigger?

You can use simple makeup tips and natural treatments to make your eyes look bigger. In addition, we will teach you to take care of this part of your face so that you get a much healthier look.

Home remedies to reduce dark circles

The skin we have under the eyes is very thin and sensitive. When we sleep poorly, are tired or have some kind of health problems, water, toxins and fat accumulate there. It is very annoying to get up in the morning and see these dark or purple rings that are so hard to get rid of.

Many women turn to makeup. Is this a good idea? It is a good resource, but not the solution. It is always better to use home remedies in the first place. In this way we avoid the sometimes excessive “accumulation” of makeup. Here are some natural cures you can use to make your eyes look bigger:

1. Cold spoon and chamomile tea

It’s very simple. When you wake up and discover those annoying dark rings in the mirror, you take two teaspoons and place them in the freezer. Prepare an infusion on chamomile: 1 1/2 dl water and 2 bags of chamomile. When it has started to boil, turn off the heat and let it drain.

Next step? After 15 minutes have passed, remove the spoons from the freezer and place them over your dark rings for at least 30 seconds. Then remove them and apply a cotton swab soaked with chamomile infusion under the eyes.

It is simply a treatment that utilizes the temperature change that occurs when you first apply the cold spoon and then immediately apply the warm chamomile infusion. This re-activates circulation and relieves the swelling under the eyes. It is very effective.

2. Define your eyebrows

To make your eyes look bigger, you also need to take care of the shape of your eyebrows. They frame our eyes and can give us a very radiant and elegant look. As you already know, it is modern to have rather thick eyebrows, but that does not mean that we should neglect them.

3. The importance of eye shadow

Look at the picture above. This woman has used 2-3 different shades to make her eyes look bigger. The secret to this beautiful effect is to use bright colors in the area just below the eyebrows. A nude color, for example, is very flattering because it creates space in this area and for the entire look.

Afterward, we use a slightly darker shadow in the outer eye, in an upward direction, just as you see in the picture. At the eyelids, we also choose a clear eyeshadow, but with some shine.

4. White eyeliner for the inner edge

Using a white pen on the inside of the eye is the best trick you can use in your daily routine for professional eyes. It gives a very attractive and appealing result, whether your makeup is for the day or the evening. Make sure this white eyeliner is never missing in your makeup kit!

5. Get longer and thicker eyelashes

Longer and thicker eyelashes can also help make the eyes look bigger. How do you get it? By applying appropriate makeup and using some simple tricks. Note!

Treatment with castor oil

Every night you can apply this simple cure with castor oil. Take a cotton swab and sprinkle two drops of castor oil on it and then moisten your eyelashes with massage movements. If you like, you can combine this cure with olive oil or almond oil, which also gives good results. It promotes the growth of the French and nurtures them.

Makeup tips for thicker eyelashes

Mascara is important to make the eyes look bigger. Always apply it in an upward direction starting from the root and try to separate the lashes well. Once you have applied a thin layer, gently sprinkle them with a little talk. This trick provides your eyelashes with more strength, beauty and thickness. Then apply a second coat of mascara.

Next step? The black eyeliner. It is usually better to use a liquid eyeliner instead of a pen. When you’re ready to apply it, follow these steps: Draw a slightly thicker line at the bottom of the eyelids, which you then extend into a thinner line in the corner of your eyes. You will then get an attractive and magnificent result.

6. Subtle lips that enhance your look

Finally: You should stick to lipsticks that are subtle and unobtrusive. In this way, the attention is drawn to your eyes. Choose a soft hue – a pink or nude tone. It gives a nice finish and also helps to make the eyes look bigger.

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