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6 Shoe Trends That Will Explode in 2020

Sure it may sound clumsy, but there is something about a new year that makes us want to freshen up our wardrobe, give away old ones to charity and refill with new ones. Below you will find six shooting trends that will fully explode in 2020 – which ones are you hooking on?

1. Chunky boots

Black boots have long been an obvious addition to the wardrobe. This year we see them too, but most of all in a chunky model with extra sharp sole. We at Metro Mode are already completely obsessed with the trend.

6 Shoe Trends That Will Explode in 2020

2. Elevated loafers

Last year, and also the year before, we wore loafers in open model for the heel. The trend is still there, but the hottest thing is to wear loafers in an elevated model 2020. Look into four models we like to wear here.

6 Shoe Trends That Will Explode in 2020

3. Knee high shoes

The knee-high shoes are here to stay, this year we see a lot of cowboy models and crocodile shoes. Match them with straight jeans or skirts.

Knee high shoes

4. Statement sneakers

Last year, the fashion world was hit by the trend of big sneakers and now we know it will be just as hot to wear in 2020. We love the shoe model, both because it is stylish but also because the shoes are incredibly comfortable with the high cushioning of the foot.

Statement sneakers

5. Patterned boots

The pattern with patterned boots became hot already this spring, but in the coming season it will completely explode. It is as hot to wear the shoes in the ankle model as the thigh high, why not hook on already?

Patterned boots

6. Slip-in shoes with tarpaulin

The slip-in shoes, or mules as the model is called, are the fourth shoe model we will see everywhere next year. They fit just as well to wear on holiday as to work and spring festivities.

Slip-in shoes with tarpaulin


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