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6 Natural Quick Tips for Fuller Lips


Do you want fuller lips without injections or bruises? We advise you on completely harmless things that will give you natural results.

Do you know that you can get fuller and bigger lips with the help of makeup? Here are some simple tips on products that give you really nice lips Kylie Jenner-style.

1. Fuller lips on tube (Lip plumper)

Instead of injecting various substances into your lips, you can use these products to get a nice cushion. They increase blood circulation, making your lips look bigger.

2. Scrub the lips

Scrubbing your lips immediately improves blood circulation – but the lips also become soft. Then you get a better result when applying lipstick, lip balm or lip liner. There are lip scrubs in different shapes and flavors.

3. Paint outside with lip pens

One trick that many recognize is to paint a little outside with a matching lip. And it really works! It gives the illusion that you have fuller lips.

4. Moisturize with lip balm

Moisturizing your lips is super important, and you do that with a lip balm. Easy to carry in the bag and just smear it when needed. Available in several flavors.

5. Wear lip balm overnight

To properly moisturize your lips, it is a good idea to apply before you go to bed. Then it gets time to work in-depth. So throw on a layer before you fall asleep!

6. Give the illusion of fuller lips with a highlighter

Apply a little highlighter above your amorphous arch, that is, just above your lips.

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