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6 Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

1. How do I hide my visible pores?

When you apply a foundation by just applying a layer over the face, it becomes like putting a bright edge along each pore, which highlights them and makes them look deeper and darker.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to work the products properly into the skin! Circulating movements and preferably a bit darting also, back and forth several times, so that one really buffs his foundation into all the little bumps of the skin. Then the makeup will blend in with the skin more, you will not have to use as much foundation and the result will be both more beautiful, smoother and more natural!

If you have such visible pores that this tip is not enough, then a facial primer for oily skin may be recommended, or a primer that is only for smoothing pores.

2. If your foundation gets cakey

Three common reasons are that your foundation is either of poor quality, old or not fit your skin. But most often it is because you apply “wrong” and too much. With the foundation, it is almost impossible to get a cakey result because it is so light on the skin, but using less foundation and working it into the skin more is usually the solution to this! Or change foundation.

3. How to get the basic makeup to last all-day

Many feel satisfied with the basic makeup immediately after application, but for different reasons, it is not as nice all day. If you have worked your foundation into the skin properly and done everything that you should, it usually depends on your own skin.

If you are dry, you may find that your foundation “falls off” during the day. What you can do then is to moisturize properly before applying so that it really adheres to the skin. You can also moisturize the skin during the day by using a moisturizing spray, which is only sprayed over the makeup at regular intervals. If you use a liquid foundation, we recommend an oil-based one.

If, on the contrary, you are fat in the skin, then the basic makeup can either “melt away” or become cakey during the day. This is due to the oil that your skin produces that fights with your foundation from within and causes it to slip/move. Powder your face periodically to fix your foundation and soak up the oil. If you use a liquid foundation, you should use a water-based one.

In both cases, a face primer can also be a good idea, on a dry skin the primer causes the base makeup to stick better and on an oily skin the primer reduces the oiliness and also where it sits in place.

4. If your rouge and bronzer still get bumpy and ugly

This is one such point that first and foremost requires good products and brushes, but then it is knowledge and practice that apply.

An uneven result is often obtained due to that you have too much on the brush. For example, if you want a lot of rouge on the cheeks, it is better to take a little at a time and build up a nice shade. Dip the brush into the rouge/tanning powder and then lightly shake the shaft against the palm, so any excess powder that had settled unevenly on the skin will disappear.

If your rouge/shading is uneven, it is quite easy to correct with a kabuki brush that you applied foundation with if you use mineral makeup, massage all the uneven edges with it and it will even out. If it is extremely uneven, you can also have a little more foundation on the kabuki brush.

5. Why you do not get a sharp make-up between the face and neck

The biggest reason for this is the wrong shade on its foundation. But despite the right shade, it always gets a little different on the face and neck because a make-up complexion has a slightly different surface and reflects the light differently.

That is why you should always put some makeup on your neck and decolletage if you want the perfect result – don’t forget your ears if you have a short hairstyle/hair!

In addition, it is a good idea (whether you apply foundation to the neck or not) to apply your shading there as well. If you shade the jawbone and down the sides of the neck, and maybe the clavicles as well, there will be so many different shades mixed up that you don’t even think about it becoming a “dash”, but then it becomes more like natural shadows.

6. If the basic makeup “gets stuck” in the facial and makes them highlight

Our best tip in this regard is to apply the makeup in the direction of the foe, then they lie down and mix in the makeup more easily than if you ruffle them with the makeup brush and make their foundation fold like a tube along with the straw instead of just a side.

Spraying the makeup with a moisturizing spray is also recommended, then the powdery feeling around the straw will disappear!

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