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5 Ways to Style Your Scarf

The scarf has made a big comeback in the fashion scene and it has not been possible to avoid all the creative variants of scarf styling on the street style icons in recent seasons. I was a little cautious for a while, because I was afraid that a scarf would feel a little too “ladylike”. But of course it is about HOW to wear your scarf and knowledge of how to style it!

1. The classic / tie

Don’t mess with it, but run the easiest conceivable knot of your scarf, pretty high up your neck, so that it resembles a tie. Let the beautiful fabric appear against a single-colored blouse or top that you wear.

2. Like a bracelet

One of my favorite variants! You then spin your scarf several turns around the wrist and end with a double knot. Decorative detail if you do not wear jewelry. The scar becomes your bracelet. You can also do this around your ankle in the summer when you have jeans or a skirt / dress.

3 Cowgirl

Can be tied in a slightly different way, either you let the ends / ends hang loose as I did, so that they look forward. Or you tie the scarf in the neck. I think it’s nice when the hair gets tucked into the scarf. Very street style chic!

4 On the bag

Let the colorful scarf become an incredibly charming detail on your black or neutral colored purse! Choose if you want it to hang a little nonchalant knotted, as in my bag, or if you prefer a proper bow.

5 Instead of sharpening

Phenomenal replacement for a belt or belt! Extra nice for jeans, because the contrasts in the different fabrics textures are a lovely meeting.

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