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5 Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Having beautiful, strong and prosperous nails is a dream that feels far away for many. But what do you really do to get there? Here are 5 quick tips on how to take care of your nails in the best way.

For your nail to feel good, it needs care and care, just like your scalp needs the care to make your hair feel good. By nurturing the cuticles by pushing behind the cuticles with a good tool, the nail gets a nicer frame while removing bacteria that may have penetrated under them.

Many people find that the top of the nail becomes soft and thin. To keep the strength and keep it steady, file regularly. Think that you should take care of your nails in much the same way you take care of your hair. In this way, the nail also has a chance to grow and grow longer. The same as the hair clippers need to be cut regularly so as not to split and get off.

Nails and hands are allowed to stand with soap and water several times a day. Be sure to use a mild soap that moisturizes rather than drying out. A hand cream in the bag ensures that nails are moisturized on the go. A nail oil on the bedside table and a pair of cotton mittens together make a lovely wrap overnight and give the nails an extra moisture boost.

How do you remove your nail polish if you use it? Unfortunately, many people use acetone without knowing how much it damages the nail. Acetone wipes the nails tremendously! Invest in a gentle acetone-free nail polish remover instead. It is usually clear on the bottle whether the remover contains acetone or not.

Another tip for those who use nail polish, use undercoat. An overcoat protects the nail polish from being scraped off, but an undercoat is most important. It protects the nail from discoloration when painting on your favorite color.

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