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5 Tips for Strong and Beautiful Nails

Tired of nails that never grow – or break as soon as they get their length? Here are our top valuable tips for naturally strong and beautiful nails.

1. File the nails, and use the glass file

File your nails regularly, it will keep them strong. As the nail is thinner on the top it becomes slightly brittle. The file and the nail stay strong longer – and thus get the chance to get the length. A glass file is more gentle on the nail than a regular file and is also easier to keep clean as it can be rinsed off. Also, avoid cutting your nails. Filing is more gentle.

2. Use base coat and topcoat

Before painting the nails – invest in base paint and topcoat. A base coat protects the nail and reduces the risk of discoloration. An overcoat smooths out any unevenness, makes the lacquer last longer and gives a glossy end result.

3. Care for the cuticles – and do not paint on them

Soap and water dry out your cuticles. Don’t forget to oil them daily. It increases circulation and promotes the growth of the nail. By the way, did you know that you should never paint directly on the cuticles? Place the brush a bit above. It keeps the lacquer lasting longer and you avoid clogging the cuticles.

4. Scrub instead of peeling

Hard to avoid when you have dirt under your nails, but avoid picking. It rips the nail and makes it harder for it to grow. Especially if you pick with sharp objects, such as your own nail. When cleaning under the nail, scrub with a nail brush instead.

5. Dispose the acetone bottle

Do you have a bottle of acetone in the bathroom cabinet? Throw it right away. Acetone dries out both nails and cuticles and causes the nail to lose its natural luster. Choose an acetone-free remover.

Nurture from the inside

Do you experience problems with grooves in the nails, uneven nail structure and / or nails that are sliced? Then you can benefit from a dietary supplement.

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