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5 Tips for Perfect Skin

Drink water!

Yes, the old tip, you might think – but yes, the fact is that the moisture comes from inside and in the long run, not all creams in the world can affect how your skin reacts on the outside. Creams in all glory and they can help you go from dry to normal for a while, but to maintain and allow the skin to hydrate itself, fluid from the inside applies. When you drink too little, your skin becomes dry and tight. So drink your water!

Wash your makeup off and leave yourself makeup-free at times

The skin needs oxygen to continue to be healthy, balanced and fresh. Therefore, be sure to remove your makeup before you go to bed and allow yourself to be makeup-free at times.

If the stomach feels good then the skin feels good

You become what you eat you say and if you eat well it will appear all the way to your skin. Tips on good vitamins/minerals are: antioxidants are your natural Q10 cream and prevent premature aging, vitamin c is good for elasticity, zinc regulates oil production, Omega-3 reduces wrinkles, soothes irritated skin and clears skin and moisturizes and fibers help so that the body absorbs the important nutrients and gets rid of the unnecessary. Sugar, for example, is not good for the body and can, therefore, appear even on the outside when the skin becomes imbalanced.

Put together your own face mask!

Mix 2 spoons of oatmeal, 1 spoon of bicarbonate and then some water on it. Voilá and you have a great natural face mask! Massage the mask into the skin and allow it to work for 10-15 minutes. It exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. The difference really feels evident right afterward!

Another recipe to curb your blackheads is to mix together natural yogurt and juice from a lemon. Mix, infuse, leave to stand for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with water. Repeat a few days/week and you will see results – we promise!

Sleep, peace, and quiet

You need to get your sleep so that your body can rest. In case of too much stress, androgens are formed that clog the pores and which can cause acne to appear. If you sleep too little, the new formation of the skin slows down, which in turn makes the skin dry. Increase your feel-good hormones melatonin and oxytocin and your skin becomes even more beautiful!

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