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3 Great Tips Against Frizzy Hair

This post is for you who are struggling with frizzy hair! Follow our 3 simple tips to get a nice and smooth hairstyle.

Tips for frizzy hair

Wash your hair in cold water

Do you like to shower hot? Then it’s time to think again! Hot water does dry out the hair and its natural oils. Rather, rinse your hair in cold water, as cooling pulls together the hair layers of the hair strands and makes them less brittle.

Use hair oil

If you have volatile hair, you should invest in a good hair oil that smooths the hair and puts the hair strand in place. Invest in a good product that penetrates the hair in depth and provides plenty of moisture.

You can also mix in a few drops of hair oil in your wrap or conditioner when you apply. A perfect moisture boost that really moisturizes your hair! You will find all our hair oils here.

Quick fix with hair spray

Use a regular hair spray to quickly fix to your frizzy hair. Spray a little on a brush and slowly brush down the flying hairs. Here you will find all the hairspray.

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