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13 Excellent Tricks for Flawless Eyelashes

In addition to applying mascara to get striking eyelashes, it is also important to use products that strengthen and prevent them from falling off.

Most women do not have the genetic traits to get long, good looking eyelashes without undergoing treatments. In connection with this, the cosmetics industry and beauty professionals have been striving to produce treatments that allow women to extend their lashes in a short time. The disadvantage is that most of these are expensive. In addition, they can be very aggressive in the long run.

Beauty trick for good looking eyelashes

The good news is that there are natural beauty tricks that can give you good looking eyelashes without exposing them to harsh chemicals and without spending too much money. However, they may take a little longer to produce results. In this article, we will share the our best beauty tricks for your lashes.

1. Give your eyelashes more volume in seconds

If you want to get full and stylish eyelashes in seconds, apply a layer of mascara to them and then immediately sprinkle some baby powder or talk over. Wait for the mixture to dry and then seal with another layer of mascara.

2. Use the brush in line with the effect you want

To make the lashes fuller with the mask, brush horizontally to cover all lashes. On the contrary, if you are looking for a more extended effect, you should brush vertically.

3. Use an eyelash comb

You can buy eyelash combs in all beauty stores. Using an eyelash comb should be a fundamental part of your beauty routine, as it is one of the best tools to make sure lumps do not form between the eyelashes.

4. Apply coconut oil

Daily use of coconut oil before going to bed is a great option for lubricating, moisturizing and strengthening your eyelashes. For example, dip a clean brush into the product and make sure to apply a thin layer from root to top on the lashes.

5. Extend the life of your mascara

When the mask becomes too thick it is almost impossible to get beautiful and defined eyelashes. Therefore, to extend the life of your mascara and make it more fluid in just a few minutes, you can, therefore, put the container in a glass of warm water.

6. Use two types of mascara

If you want defined and beautiful eyelashes that are easy to remove makeup from, you can apply two types of mascara. First you apply a standard mascara, then a waterproof mascara as a second layer.

7. Make the lashes grow faster with green tea

A product that stimulates natural growth for the eyelashes is green tea. It not only minimizes the amount of fringes you lose, but also protects them from aggressive substances in the environment, thanks to the antioxidants in green tea.

8. Dilute the worm

With this trick, you dilute the mask to prevent lumps from forming after application. Add a few drops of liquid make-up remover to the mask and then shake well.

9. Use a spoon

If you put a spoon behind the eyelashes, you will not get any mascara on the eyelids.

10. Bend eyelashes and apply mascara at the same time

If you run out of time and want fancy lashes, you can use your eyelash curler and apply your favorite mask before releasing them with the eyeliner.

11. Heat the eyelash bend

If your lashes are not sufficiently bent, you can heat the eyelash bend with a hairdryer. After that, make sure it is not too hot before using it on the eyelashes. As mentioned before, make sure not to heat it too much!

12. Use Vitamin E oil

Applying a thin layer of vitamin E oil to the lashes every day promotes healthy growth, minimizes the negative effects of free radicals and strengthens the lashes. Dip a clean mask brush in the liquid and apply to the eyelashes every night before going to bed.

13. Use olive oil as a makeup remover

Finally, we recommend using olive oil as an alternative makeup remover as many of the commercial products contain unhealthy chemicals. For example, olive oil helps to remove strong cosmetic products, such as mascara and eyeliner.

In short, if you follow all these recommendations you will find that you do not need much to get the strong, voluminous and good looking eyelashes you always wanted.

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