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10 Tips to Keep Your Shoes in Great Condition

It is fun to buy new shoes, but it pays to take care of the ones you already have. It is neither difficult nor time-consuming and the result is a delight for the wallet, eye, and foot.

10 shoe care tips

  • The first thing to do when buying new shoes is to care for and impregnate them before first use.
  • Clean and polish your shoes with customized shoe care from time to time. Leather shoes need nourishment.
  • Use our impregnation spray regularly, for best results spray twice. If the shoes get wet, let them dry at room temperature with shoe blocks in (do not dry at heat sources).
  • Leather soles and heel tabs are sensitive to moisture – need to be waxed properly before use, don’t forget the seam.
  • Leather soles should only be used in dry weather.
  • Use shoe horns to protect the back coat and elastic.
  • If your feet hurt in high heels – put a dampening sole in the toe.
  • Tie the shoelaces or loosen the buckles as you put on and off the shoes.
  • Let the shoes rest with shoe blocks to keep the shape, shoe blocks in cedar suck up the moisture and refresh the shoes inside. Also counteracts walking folds. For boots, use boot support to spare the zipper.
  • Look over heels and sole occasionally, most shoes can be heeled and soled.
  • At the end of the season, you need to clean and polish the shoes, store them cool in a school drawer or shoe bag, preferably use shoe blocks in. So you have nice and fresh shoes for the next season.

Heel tips

In order for the heels of your new shoes to last as long as possible, it is important that you consider the following:
– At the bottom of the heel is a small pin. It must be replaced before worn. You do this easily at the shoemaker.
– Think about where you are going. Thin heels are best enjoyed on hard and smooth surfaces.

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