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10 Tips for a Glowing Skin

Does your skin feel dry and dull? Or bold and glossy? Here are 10 tips that spike up!

Get to know your skin type

Before you buy skincare products, it is important to know what type of skin you have. Mixed skin, oily, normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin? You get the best answer by visiting a dermatologist. If your skin is treated with the wrong products, you risk getting blemishes and pimples.


Peeling the skin removes dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. While peeling is important, it should be added that you should not do it too often. One rule of thumb is to peel the skin about once a week, but it is different depending on which product you use. Do not rub too hard but be careful and perform light circular movements for a few minutes.


Cleaning is crucial for a beautiful complexion. The skin should be cleaned thoroughly both morning and evening. Never sleep with makeup and make sure to remove makeup residue properly so that nothing remains and closes to the pores. By cleansing the skin, it is easier to meet the care, active and restorative ingredients of the face cream.


Creams, masks, serum or oil? Depending on what suits your complexion, there is a wealth of alternatives. It is important that the product nourishes in depth. With a substantial moisturizing, the surface dryness disappears and your skin becomes softer, smoother and comes back into balance.

Wash make-up brushes.

Keep both your skin and your make-up brushes fresher by washing them regularly. It is optimal to clean the brushes at least once a week. There are detergents that are suitable for both synthetic and genuine hair and are specific to make-up brushes such as bareMinerals Shampoo.

If you want to run a budget variant, regular shampoo and conditioner will work for brushes with real hair. Synthetic brushes can be cleaned with lukewarm water and detergent. Be sure to gently massage the cleanser, rinse carefully until all makeup residue is gone without forcing the brushes into water.

Use the right makeup

Always apply makeup with clean hands and focus on products that contain ingredients tailored to your skin type. We react differently to products and content so it is important to try it until you find the right one. What suits your friend may not always be the ultimate for you.

Do not pick your face

Try not to squeeze pimples and blackheads, it spreads bacteria and you risk getting ugly scars and pits. Can’t you help? Make sure your skin is clean and wash your fingers thoroughly. Do not squeeze directly with the nails, but use a piece of paper in between.

Eat healthy

Your skin is affected by what you eat. Skip the fast food and sugar. Instead, invest in antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. Eat fish, chicken, eggs and healthy fats. Do not forget to refill with liquid, drink plenty of water.

Take care

How you feel also reflects your complexion. Slept well, exercised and was out in the fresh air. Try to stress down and laugh a lot. Be frugal with alcohol and do not smoke.

Remember that you are beautiful no matter if with a pimple more or less. We are good at focusing on ourselves and the Finn you think is gigantic there are still few who see. And what do some flowers do? Life is wonderful no matter what, so don’t forget to smile and be happy!

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