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10 Things to Consider Before Making a Lip Enlargement

10 Things to Consider Before Making a Lip Enlargement

Lips are a classic and important part of our appearance and beauty. Natural and full lips with a harmonious shape are often noticed and usually associated with beauty, youth, and femininity.

Here we share with you 10 important aspects to consider before performing a lip enlargement.

1. Examine the clinic and its practitioners

This point is by far the most important. Be sure to visit a clinic with experienced and legitimate healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, and dentists).

NOTE! Certification is not enough as a qualification since anyone can get a certification after a one-day education.

A good clinic always has an experienced doctor in place. Ask the clinic if they have supplies in place to deal with, for example, an acute allergic reaction that can lead to respiratory arrest. Nurses and dentists do not have the opportunity to print such preparations, so it is always safer to contact a clinic with a legitimate doctor in place.

Ask to see the therapist’s diploma. Many clinics and salons post incorrect information on their website and on social media. Make sure the practitioner is legitimate and dare to ask questions.

Read reviews, check out the clinic’s website, Instagram and other media. Listen to friends and acquaintances.

2. Find out which filler marks the clinic uses

At present, there are probably over 200 different filler brands on the market. Unfortunately, many of these are not clinically tested.

Ask the clinic which fillers they use and do proper research. Avoid permanent fillers as these cannot be dissolved if you do not achieve the desired effect or if complications should occur. Good fillers are not cheap. If a pair of lips costs less than SEK 3000, this often means that the clinic uses a low-quality filler.

3. Build up slowly, you can always refill at another time

Make sure the clinic you go to works with natural results. During the consultation, ask how they intend to work with your lips and what areas they will treat to test the therapist’s knowledge. The last thing you want is to leave the clinic with a flap. Good practitioners build up lips on several occasions and dare to say stop instead of continuing to fill up just to get extra money. Check out the clinic’s Instagram to judge for themselves whether their results are natural or not.

4. Prepare for treatment

Before your treatment, it is good to avoid blood thinners to reduce the risk of bruising. Therefore, avoid the following:

  • Painkillers a week before your treatment
  • Omega 3 two weeks before your visit
  • Alcohol at least five days before the visit
  • If you are taking blood-thinning medicines such as Waran, Thrombyl or Eliquis, it is good to contact the clinic in advance and to contact your health care center for any reduction of these medications before treatment.

5. How long does a treatment take?

An experienced therapist will do the procedure in about 2-5 minutes. With a detailed consultation and other preparations, you can expect it to take about: 30 minutes, no less.

6. The results are direct

Results are immediately apparent and after about two to three days, most of the swelling that occurs in many have disappeared.

9. Be aware of the risks

Ensure that the clinic uses good and FDA approved filler marks as per point 2 above.

Possible complications with a filler treatment can include:

  • Infections where the skin has penetrated
  • Asymmetry and unevenness
  • Bleeding, bruising and / or swelling may occur shortly after treatment and persist for up to a week
  • The skin in the treated area can also become red and irritated, itchy and develop rash and hypersensitivity. These side effects are also uncommon and usually quickly transient
  • Necrosis, which means that a blood vessel is clogged which can lead to the lip tissue ie. the lip can rot and die. Therefore it is extremely important that the therapist knows his anatomy and knows what to do if the situation arises and that the clinic has Hyalase in place.
  • If things go really badly you can end up with a bad therapist where they block the facial artery with filler which can result in permanent blindness

10. A safe clinic with experienced therapists then costs

Last but not least, the price reflects the security, the result, the quality and the service you get. A really good clinic with doctors in place who also work with the market’s best and safest fillers will cost a lot more than the hairdresser on the corner who has taken a one-day course and started injecting.

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