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10 Helpful and Simple Beauty Tips

If you are stressed or short on time, it can be stressful to think about beauty and have time for it. So how do you manage to be your best looking self during all these family events and parties? To help you survive in stressful periods, we’ve compiled our 10 simplest beauty tips that work wonders.

1. Always carry a universal cream in your bag, especially during the winter. It’s perfect if you want to soothe everything from a red nose to scarred lips or dry cuticles.

2. If you want to go to dinner or party right after work: plan your makeup in the morning, and pack makeup products that allow you to easily transform your makeup from day to night. Focus on big eyes and contour your face to highlight your best features, highlight your eyebrows and highlight your lips with a bold lipstick.

3. Make your lips look fuller by applying a lipgloss to the center of the lips. Finish by dabbing a light concealer just above the amorphous arch.

4. To open the eyes and get really flirty lashes: Warm up the eyelash curler with a hairdryer (allow to cool briefly), before using it. You would probably never use a cold styling tool, right?

5. A quick and easy trick when you want to look fresh and less swollen is to apply the concealer in a triangular shape (pointing downwards) under the eye. It gives you an instant mini lift.

6. Well-kept nails really make a big difference to your look

Why not choose a long-lasting nail polish to reduce stress? These varnishes last much longer than regular nail polishes. You will save lots of time!

7. Dry shampoo and texture products become your best friends when you want to create stylish and simple hairstyles. Avoid washing your hair too often, as it is more difficult to get a nice set of hair when the hair is freshly washed.

8. Try to mismatch the nails on the hands and toes (instead of wearing the same color on both). Think of your nails as a powerful accessory and don’t hesitate to match the nails with the color of your dress.

9. Late nights, alcohol and high-calorie foods are okay – to a degree. To make you feel fresh and look fresher, be sure to drink plenty of water and try to catch up when you can.

10. A trick that you can take if you haven’t had enough sleep; Use a highlighter or a shimmery eye shadow closest to the inner eye corner to open the eyes. Apply a white quill pen inside the lower lash line for extra effect. This immediately makes you look more fresh and alert!

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